Kayla Zimmerman | Disney, Universal, and All-inclusive expert

Kayla Zimmerman at Disney's Magic Kindgdom

Meet Kayla Zimmerman, a living testament to the transformative power of travel. Once a cherished client of Sweetbay Travel Concierge, Kayla has gracefully stepped into the role of a passionate travel agent.

Kayla's journey began as a client, granting her a deep appreciation for the tiny details that turn trips into treasured memories. As a travel agent, she's dedicated to ensuring that every moment of your journey becomes a cherished memory.

Specializing in Disney, Universal, cruises, Sandals, Beaches, and more, Kayla's expertise goes beyond imagination. She's your guide to exceptional adventures across the globe, and she has a special fondness for the finer splurges in travel.

Based in St. Louis, Missouri, Kayla brings a touch of Midwest warmth to your travel experiences. Her commitment to her community mirrors her dedication to her clients, ensuring that your journeys are as welcoming as her hospitality.

As a devoted mother to one adventurous son, Kayla understands the value of crafting family memories. With her as your travel magician, you're in for extraordinary adventures, unforgettable moments, and a lifetime of cherished memories.


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