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Turn Your Passion for Travelinto a Rewarding Career

Sweetbay Travel Concierge is seeking talented individuals like you to join our team of travel agents. Take control of your destiny, unleash your entrepreneurial spirit, and embark on an exciting journey with us.

Why choose Sweetbay Travel Concierge?

At Sweetbay Travel Concierge, we believe in empowering our agents to thrive in the competitive travel industry. When you join our team, you'll enjoy a host of exclusive benefits and opportunities:

Unmatched Commission Structure

Earn an exceptional 70-90% commission on your sales, putting more money in your pocket with every trip

Exciting Bonuses and Incentives

Experience the thrill of reaching new milestones with our enticing bonus program. Receive fabulous rewards such as Pandora bracelets, Tiffany & Co. necklaces, airline gift cards, and more*.

Ownership and Autonomy

Maintain full control of your client lists and social media platforms. Build and nurture your own customer base, establishing lasting relationships that drive your success.

Collaborative Environment

While you are "in business for yourself, but not by yourself," Sweetbay Travel Concierge fosters a supportive and collaborative community of like-minded travel professionals. Connect with fellow agents, share insights, and learn from each other's experiences.

CLIA and IATA Benefits

As an independent travel agent affiliated with Sweetbay Travel Concierge, you'll enjoy the privileges associated with industry-leading associations such as CLIA and IATA. Enhance your professional standing and unlock additional opportunities.

Supplier Webinars and FAM Opportunities

Stay ahead of the curve with exclusive webinars hosted by top travel suppliers. Gain valuable insights into the latest trends, offerings, and destinations. Take advantage of familiarization (FAM) trips to expand your product knowledge and offer unparalleled service to your clients.

Bi-Weekly Commission Disbursement

At Sweetbay Travel Concierge, we understand that timely payment is essential to fuel your success and keep you motivated. That's why we offer bi-weekly commission ACH disbursement, ensuring you get paid faster and have a steady stream of income.

Training and Support

No prior experience? No problem! We offer a comprehensive pre-agent training program to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the travel industry. Additionally, you have access to personal Coaching Calls with the Admin team to ensure you have what you need to build your business.

*bonus program benefits subject to change without notice

Application Process


Initial Application

To kickstart the process, we invite you to complete our initial application. This step involves answering a series of basic questions about your interest in becoming a travel advisor with Sweetbay Travel Concierge. Additionally, we request your resume and a travel resume detailing your vacation experiences. We value your passion for travel and want to learn more about your background.


Knowledge Assessment

The second phase of our application process involves assessing your knowledge and expertise. We present you with a set of questions and scenarios related to your area of expertise, marketing strategies, and client management. Our aim is not to test your knowledge comprehensively, but rather to understand your approach and problem-solving skills. We value resourcefulness and the ability to find answers when needed.


Application & Quiz Evaluation

Once you have successfully completed the knowledge assessment, we evaluate your application and quiz responses. Our team carefully reviews your submission to assess your suitability for the role of a travel advisor at Sweetbay Travel Concierge. We consider factors such as your passion for travel, commitment to customer service, and alignment with our values.


Zoom Interview

If selected, we will invite you to a Zoom interview with our dedicated administrative team. This interview allows us to get to know you better, discuss your aspirations and goals, and delve deeper into your qualifications and experience. It's an opportunity for both parties to assess mutual fit and alignment.


90-Day Training Contract & Evaluation

Congratulations! If you are selected after the Zoom interview, you will enter into a 90-day training contract with Sweetbay Travel Concierge. During this period, we provide you with comprehensive training and resources to excel in your role as a travel advisor. We also conduct periodic evaluations to assess your progress, offer guidance, and ensure your success.

Ready to Join our Team?

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