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Will Genie+ Really Grant All of Your Wishes?

Will Genie+ Really Grant All of Your Wishes?

If you've read about Disney's Genie+ system and you're confused , you are not alone! Keep reading this. When Disney announced that the tried-and-true FastPass system was going away - we all sighed.. loudly..

And when Genie+ was announced - insert another sigh here. But after learning about this system for the past year, our experts have the strategy tips & tricks that will help our clients get the most value out of this system. Here are 3 Top Tips to know about Genie+:

1. You don't have to use it every day of your vacation. Make sure to look through the attractions - and be aware of the expected crowd levels for your vacation. Not all attractions are created equally. The key to getting your 'must do' attractions - knowing which attractions fill up the quickest and booking those first. Talk to your Sweetbay Travel Concierge about which attractions are best for your family to prioritize.

2. In order to get the most out of this service, set alarms for your next booking window. You can make your first reservation at 7 am EST at Walt Disney World, and upon entering the park at Disneyland. Your next booking time will show on your 'Tip Board' inside the app.

3. Booking with a Disney expert has never been more important - we know prices have increased, and that is why we train to make sure our clients get the most value on their vacations.

If you have visited Walt Disney World since Genie+ launched - how did you feel about using it?