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Big Families at Disney

Big Families at Disney

Disney for big families seems overwhelming - so many people, so many opinions, so much to do...

When families travel together - our experts at Sweetbay Travel Concierge can help take the stress out of planning and let you enjoy your vacation! We will be sure you know how to use Genie+, have a room that gives you the accessibility that will be the easiest for your family, and make sure we've equipped you with a game plan for everyone in your party!

When you book your vacation with us - you'll never be alone in the planning or traveling processes.

1. Staying in 2-3 bedroom villas will allow the families to stay together, also you will get extra evening hours so the big families will have more time in the parks.

2. Most deluxe are easier access to the parks so easier transportation so you can go back to your resort and take the afternoon pool break.

3. Have more than one person making plans on their MDE. If you’re doing everything together as a group, one person can be booking ILLs and the other Genie+ at 7am.

4. Consider the ages of your family members/friends and the type of transportation (resort location) that’ll be most convenient for you. What’s going to be the easiest for you to get around with a stroller or ECV.